Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wide awake.

It's 5am and what am I doing? Sleeping? No. Starting a blog. Yep. Completely normal.
I've been in bed since 10pm but haven't managed to get to sleep yet. It's my first night alone since getting married over a year ago and I can't seem to get to sleep.
Why am I alone, you might ask?
We just moved back to Florida from Nashville, Tennessee this month. We loaded up our little car with all our valuables (for me that means my iPad, laptop, knitting looms, everything hair related and of course our fur baby, Rumble. For Ant that means our tv, computers, video games and basically anything electronic) and drove the 11hours to his parents place here in sunny Florida. But obviously we couldn't fit everything we own in our little Mitsubishi galant, so Anthony and his parents drove back to Nashville today (well technically it was yesterday, I guess?) to get everything we left behind. I would have gone too, but being 31 weeks pregnant, they didn't think it was a good idea for me to be traveling that far and back in 2 days, especially when I can't carry boxes and according to my in laws, shouldn't be cleaning (what will they do when I start nesting?)
I thought I'd be able to fall asleep when Anthony called to say goodnight, my eyelids started to feel real heavy, but then I had to pee. Twice.
Now I'm wider awake than I have been all day.
Part of me wants to get up and fold that basket full of clothes I washed earlier, but then again, Rumble is so cute all snuggled up next to me, if I wake him, he'll want to go play with Kasey (my in laws' dog) hmm. No, the laundry can wait until tomorrow. Or today? when the sun comes up.
But for now, I'm going to squeeze my eyes shut and try to sleep. Maybe.
Goodnight. (or morning??!)

Wish this face was next to me right now.

But at least I have my fur baby to snuggle.

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